Falling Rocks
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Meteorite Name: Agen
Location: Lot-et-Garonne, France
Classification: H5 Chondrite
Witnessed Fall: Yes
Date and Time: September 5, 1814
TKW: ~ 30 kilograms
At 11:40 am, a man named Prugnières, a ship's captain, was suddenly surprised by a series of detonations and by a white cloud as he walked in Brethou, near Castelmoron-sur-Lot. A few minutes later, his servants inform him of the fall of a stone in a field. Later the same day Prugnières visited the hamlet of Gascou, located to the north, after having learned of the existence of a second stone. Unfortunately, this one had been broken into pieces by the peasants (who distributed the fragments amongst themselves). Many other meteorites fell in the area, but they apparently met with the same fate.
Collection Photos
1.89 gram sliced end fragment
1.89 gram sliced end fragment

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