Falling Rocks
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Meteorite Name: Barbotan
Location: Gers, France
Classification: H5 Chondrite
Witnessed Fall: Yes
Date and Time: July 24, 1790
TKW: 6.4 kilograms
Saturday July 24, 1790, at 2130 hrs, Mr. de Carrit-Barbotan and Mr. Baudin were walking in the court of the Castle of Mormès. The sky was calm and without clouds, yet they suddenly observed an intense gleam of fire. Raising their heads, they saw a meteor moving across the sky from south to north. The meteor disrupted into several incandescent fragments, and three minutes later they heard violent detonations. The meteorite fell close to Julliac, and a quantity of stones were found from this city up to Barbotan. Some fell even beyond, and fragments of this meteorite landed in the moors, forests, and on some farms without incident. Meunier wrote, however, that one of the stones killed a bull and a shepherd (this is obviously unsubstantiated). Several old texts apparently fail to mention some villages where stones probably fell. The strewn field is extremely wide as it goes from Losse, Mérin, Eauze to Créon d'Armagnac. Many stones were not recovered, but, after more than two centuries in the ground, it is unlikely they will ever be found. Even if they were, the stones have probably been subjected to extreme weathering.
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4.38 gram part slice
4.38 gram part slice

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