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Meteorite Name: Glorieta Mountain
Location: Santa Fe County, New Mexico
Classification: Pallasite
Witnessed Fall: No
Date and Time: Found May 1884
TKW: 148 kilograms
The TKW has at least doubled in recent years, including spectacular recoveries by my good friends, Robert Ward and Shauna Russell, pictured below.
Collection Photos
30.75 gram oriented individual
30.75 gram oriented individual found by Robert Ward on the Prospecting
Channel's "Iron from the Sky: The Meteorite Hunters" video.
590 gram complete slice
590 gram complete slice
Glorieta Mountain monograph
Glorieta Mountain monograph
Shauna Russell, with her incredible 'Glorieta Goddess' find, and Robert Ward
Shauna Russell, with her incredible "Glorieta Goddess" find, and Robert Ward
Holding the 'Glorieta Goddess'
Holding the 'Glorieta Goddess'

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