Falling Rocks
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Meteorite Name: Independence
Location: Missouri
Classification: L6 Chondrite
Witnessed Fall: Yes
Date and Time: 1917 or 1918
TKW: 880 grams
Mr. Edward Keesling heard a hissing/buzzing sound and observed a dark object falling to the ground on the side of a dirt road, probably in the summer of 1917. He recovered the single stone and placed it on a shelf on his back porch where it stayed for more than 80 years, protected from direct exposure to the elements but also weathered by the climate of the Midwest. After his death, the stone was purchased and cut. Personally, I have an affinity to the last 7 letters of his last name ;-)
Collection Photos
3.842 gram part slice
3.842 gram part slice
Mr. Keesling
Mr. Keesling

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