Falling Rocks
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Meteorite Name: Juancheng
Location: China
Classification: H5 Ordinary Chondrite
Witnessed Fall: Yes
Date and Time: February 15, 1997
TKW: 100 kilograms
A shower of small stones, totaling in excess of 1000 individuals, fell near the Yellow River after a brilliant fireball featuring smoke and sparks terminated in a loud, resonating explosion. The fall ellipse measured about 10.5 x 4.3 kilometers and was oriented from east to west. The largest recovered piece weighed 2.7 kilograms, and the total mass likely exceeds 100 kilograms (many individuals were given to government officials, etc, so the true TKW will likely never be known). One fragment was reported to have penetrated a roof and landed in a pot on a stove. This aesthetic individual was a gift from a dear personal friend in the meteorite world and will always be a treasured part of the collection.
Collection Photos
26.456 gram complete individual
26.456 gram complete individual

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