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Meteorite Name: New Orleans
Location: Louisiana
Classification: H5 Chondrite
Witnessed Fall: Yes
Date and Time: Fell September 23, 2003
TKW: 19.26 kilograms

On the afternoon of September 23, 2003, at about 4:00 pm, a meteorite crashed through the two-story home of Ray and Judy Fausset, who were not at home in downtown New Orleans at the time. The meteorite fell through the roof of the Fausset house, destroyed an antique wooden desk, penetrated the upstairs room floor then entered the downstairs bathroom, narrowly missing the toilet. It then punctured a hole through the bottom floor of the house, entering the ground beneath the home and then shattering into many pieces. Neighbors said that they heard a "terrific noise." Two observations of a fireball were recorded, and a neighbor heard what she thought was a car accident. She rushed outside and saw nothing, then forgot about the sound until her neighbor came home that evening and came over asking her about why his home was severely damaged. They thought that perhaps an airplane part had fallen off and hit the house. When Mr. Fausset sorted through the debris, he noticed small pieces of burned stone and realized that it must be a meteorite. The near-three-kilogram main mass of the meteorite was found in the crawl space under the house, and ostensibly was lost after hurricane Katrina (nor has anyone from the meteoritic world apparently been able to make contact with the Faussets). Powdery meteorite debris and fragments were found along the penetration path throughout the house. A total mass of 19.256 kg was recovered from the Fausset house, the three largest fragments weighing 2966 g, 1292 g and 1001 g. Some additional material (~100 g) was also recovered in the surrounding neighborhood.

Collection Photos
63.8 gram fresh fragment with drywall on crusted surface
63.8 gram fresh fragment with drywall on crusted surface
The house from the street.
The house from the street. The meteorite impact is only visible as the
light roof patch in the far left center of the roof at the end of the house.
Another view of the impact on the roof. The roof was repaired the
next morning, so only the patch is visible in the center (lighter tiles).

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