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Meteorite Name: Odessa
Location: Ector County, Texas (Odessa Meteor Crater)
Classification: IAB Coarse Octahedrite
Witnessed Fall: No
Date and Time: Found 1922
TKW: ~ 1.6 metric tons
The Odessa Crater in Texas was the second recognized impact crater in the United States. The Meteor Crater at Odessa (also known as Odessa Meteor Crater), the third largest meteor crater in the United States, is located ten miles southwest of Odessa and three miles south of Interstate Highway 20 in south central Ector County. Three craters make up the depression, which was formed in prehistoric time when thousands of iron meteorites known as octahedrites fell on the site. The largest crater covers ten acres.

The Odessa meteorites and crater are similar in many ways to the Canyon Diablo meteorites and crater. Not only are they the same type--Group I coarse octahedrite--but they both fell in the prehistoric American Southwest. The first meteoritic iron from Odessa was described in 1922. The Odessa Crater was first recognized in the late 1920s as meteoritic in origin by Daniel Barringer, the lawyer-mining engineer that first recognized the origin of the Canyon Diablo Crater.
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22 kilogram complete individual
22 kilogram complete individual

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