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Meteorite Name: Siena
Location: Tuscany, Italy
Classification: LL5 Amphoterite
Witnessed Fall: Yes
Date and Time: June 16, 1794
TKW: 3.7 kilograms
Only two months after Ernst Chladni's published report determining the origin of meteorites as extraterrestrial, the Siena witnessed fall was explained by scientists of the time as an object ejected from Mount Vesuvius, which had erupted only 18 hours before the fall. It would be almost nine years later, after the historic L'Aigle fall, that the world would eventually agree that stones do indeed fall from the sky. In spite of that fact, Siena remains the first scientifically accredited meteorite fall (it was only the majority of scientists, not all of them, that misjudged the origin of the Siena meteorite). This specimen was acquired in the October 28, 2007, Bonhams auction, the first ever by a major international auction house to be solely dedicated to meteorites.
Collection Photos
3.99 gram complete slice
3.99 gram complete slice
Ernst Chladni
Ernst Chladni

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