Falling Rocks
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Robert has been in the field for 1 ½ weeks as of the time of this writing, and I have joined him twice thus far. The work of Marc Fries & Co. continues to fascinate, and it is due to his brainchild - now Galactic Analytics LLC - that the Battle Mountain meteorite has been recovered. For the most part, the hunting ground in the areas that Robert and I searched is much worse than what I've pictured below, but he just personally recovered the third known piece on September 7, 2012, and the hunt is still afoot. The Battle Mountain meteorite is quite elusive, although certainly more stones will eventually be recovered. I hope you enjoy the photographs in the meantime...

On another unfortunate note, a hunter from the southwest recently posted a "trip report" from the Battle Mountain, Nevada, hunt and buried in the photos as a long caption is ostensibly his version of a story that unfolded there. It was at best in poor taste to post this for public consumption, and that it contained harsh and inaccurate accusations, along with other falsehoods and/or twisted versions of reality, has called for a response from myself and Robert.

For those of who prefer to avoid drama, don't bother clicking this link: "trip report" response

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